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041: How to Craft A Re-engagement Email to Keep Your List Fresh

From time to time, every online entrepreneur must look at their list of subscribers and make it as up-to-date as possible. Making sure you are sending emails to a group of engaged people is key to a successful email marketing strategy. There are many ways to do it and in the coming weeks I will share with you a content marketing angle for sending re-engagement campaigns. 

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035: Customize Your ConvertKit Email Template With these 5 Videos

If you'd like to customize your ConvertKit Emails to match your brand, this blog is for you. Below I've listed five most asked for videos/tutorials when it comes to customizing the look of emails inside ConvertKit.

Take a look at the following blog posts that have step-by-step directions with screenshots, code for copying into your template as well as complete video walkthroughs.

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034: My No. 1 Tip For Writing Email Subject Lines: Give Value

There are tons of ways to write the subject line of an email. And you can experiment to find out just the right way that suits your style. But whether you write long emails or short ones, follow this zen approach to writing subject lines which help to make your email opened, clicked and most importantly valued by your reader.

In every action I take in my business, I ask myself: how can what I am doing right now be of use to my reader. And if you start at this place too, I am confident that whatever you produce will reach the goal you set for it.

So when it comes to writing subject lines for my emails, here's my no. 1 tip...

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033: How to Come Up With Email Topics (Free Worksheet)

Brainstorming is a key step in email content creation process. It helps you to get your ideas down on paper, sort through them, select the best ones and throw out the rest or keep them for a future time.

The goal here is to come up with a bunch of ideas without censoring yourself or editing yourself while you are brainstorming. Let's dive a bit deeper and come up with the email topics for an entire month.

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032: My Complete Weekly Email Content Creation Process

One of the pillars of a successful email marketing plan is Keeping In Consistent Touch with your audience - by sending them regular emails. Of course, how often you email your list will be based on the stage you are in your business and the frequency that is best suited for your audience.

Whether you email your list once a week, once a month or twice a month, you need to have consistent content going out. But how to come up with new topics and have them all ready without burning the mid-night oil?

Take a look at this complete Email Content Creation Process that I use for my business.

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