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052: Do this One thing to get to know the real needs of your audience

Do this one thing to get to know the real needs of your audience: Ask them!

For the longest time, I thought that understanding my audience meant researching the type of questions my target audience is asking on online forums, in Facebook groups and on blog comments of other businesses. But I didn’t look at the golden opportunity that lay right at my finger tips - my own email list.

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051: Asana Vs. Trello: Which productivity app I use in my business.

Recently, I took my annual three week break to rest and rejuvenate and c oming back from the break was a challenge on top of dealing with a massive jet lag from a 25 hour flight around the world. So I jumped into my Google Calendar and my handy-dandy paper notebook/calendar to start jotting down my upcoming projects and tasks. But I yearned for a unified system, a mothership of sorts for all my tasks, goals and projects. What I found from my afternoon of playing around with two apps on my shortlist is that I totally love Asana. But not so fast. You will see the reason why Asana is my preferred productivity app.

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050: Why I am taking three weeks off and the 8 mistakes I’m learning from

I usually don’t blog about the entrepreneurial journey here on the blog but I do think it is relevant because, you, as my reader, get to know a bit more about the person behind the words and videos that show up on this site. I am taking my first three week break of my working year starting this month and going into October and I feel this is a good time to share what the backstory to this break is.

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036: Four areas on which I blog about on

Two years ago, I created, a platform where I shared my personal insights on cultivating simple daily practices to experience a deeper sense of inner-peace happiness. I created that site to help women entrepreneurs move forward in their business by overcoming one of the major obstacles we face: self-doubt and negative thought patterns.

The interesting thing is that in the course of building that website...

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