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074: Squarespace SEO: 22 actionable things you can do (Part One)

Getting your website found on Google search results is one of the biggest goals of website owners. Whether your site is built on Wordpress, Shopify or Squarespace, good SEO (search engine optimization) strategies are key to your site showing up on the first page of Google for keywords specific to your business. Here is part one of my Beginner’s Guide to Squaresapce SEO. Read more…

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073: Sell Your Course Before You Create It

Let’s say you are a service professional. You are trading your time for money. You are serving your clients one on one. Now you are thinking how can I leverage your time?

Well, one way to do it is to package your services into an online course. But creating an online course involves a lot of time investment and money and know-how on how to set things up. Read more…

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069: Dare to Create - Two Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Create New Content

Creating content consistently is important but the road is filled with challenges. I share a few thoughts from my two years of building my business and creating content and the two questions that guide me when I create a new video or blog.

My biggest lesson was "Show up consistently." For the full story, click to see the rest of my blog + video.

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068: How I increased my pageviews by 113% in 5 months

Creating content for your readers is an important part of growing your business and website traffic. That's something I learned first hand this year after analyzing my website stats (statistics). 

In this blog, I share with you the exact numbers from my Analytics panel (yes, screenshots are included) and the exact steps that I took to achieve a 113% increase in pageviews when comparing the first five months of 2018 and 2019.

My biggest lesson was "Publish useful content weekly" and "Look at your own path of progress." For the full story, see the rest of my blog:

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067: Three things you should know about doing a live workshop series

Recently, I conducted a three-part live workshop series (90 minute each) called “Host Your Course”. I enjoyed doing it very much but also learned some important lessons. I’ve decided in which scenarios I would use a live workshop method and in which scenarios I’d rather use the online course method. I share all of that in this blog article to help you in your business when it comes to creating paid information products.

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065: Why you should batch process everything you can in your business

One of the best things I learnt about running a business is the importance of creating good content for my audience. It is a powerful way to make a connection with exactly those people who are looking for solutions that your content can help solve. Email makes if possible to keep your business “top of mind” for your readers/clients.

The other best thing I’ve learnt is to organize and streamline my business activities using batch processing. This can be done very easily using automation tools that are already in place. Case in point: scheduling out emails in advance.

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052: Do this One thing to get to know the real needs of your audience

Do this one thing to get to know the real needs of your audience: Ask them!

For the longest time, I thought that understanding my audience meant researching the type of questions my target audience is asking on online forums, in Facebook groups and on blog comments of other businesses. But I didn’t look at the golden opportunity that lay right at my finger tips - my own email list.

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051: Asana Vs. Trello: Which productivity app I use in my business.

Recently, I took my annual three week break to rest and rejuvenate and c oming back from the break was a challenge on top of dealing with a massive jet lag from a 25 hour flight around the world. So I jumped into my Google Calendar and my handy-dandy paper notebook/calendar to start jotting down my upcoming projects and tasks. But I yearned for a unified system, a mothership of sorts for all my tasks, goals and projects. What I found from my afternoon of playing around with two apps on my shortlist is that I totally love Asana. But not so fast. You will see the reason why Asana is my preferred productivity app.

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050: Why I am taking three weeks off and the 8 mistakes I’m learning from

I usually don’t blog about the entrepreneurial journey here on the blog but I do think it is relevant because, you, as my reader, get to know a bit more about the person behind the words and videos that show up on this site. I am taking my first three week break of my working year starting this month and going into October and I feel this is a good time to share what the backstory to this break is.

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