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Why A Manifesto?

I run my business based on guiding principles - a set of overarching values that make decisions come easy, that help me stay focused on what I’ve set out to do and remind me of what’s important. It is my business manifesto and I chose to put them out here for you to see so that you can get to know what this business stands for, who you are hiring and learning from.



Exist to serve. Teach. Do it generously.

Everyday ask, “How can I help someone today?”. With every interaction with someone, with every content created, with every program and service offered, make serving your audience a priority over everything else. Give value. Teach. Do it generously.


Less is more.

First make it work with less. Less apps, less tech, less expense, less process. Bootstrap first to make your business profitable. Keep costs low. You don’t need a $5000 website when you can build a small one for $500. Start small. DIY.


Be human. Be you.

Keep the humanity in business. Be a real human with flaws, challenges and fears. Be yourself unapologetically. Speak what you mean. Be honest.


Dare to say no.

Say no to anything that takes away from your core values. If you don’t believe in it or can stand behind it fully, walk away. Say yes to your most important priority. Don’t sacrifice your personal well-being for making an extra buck. Be in nature. Refresh. Protect your time-off.


Keep learning. Embrace change.

Learn continuously. Expand your skills. Read. Ask questions. Do not plan because doing is the best way to learn something new. Change is constantly happening. Learn to adapt.


Gratitude is the way

Remind yourself to be grateful for it all - successes as well as challenges. There’s a beautiful life-expanding gift in every obstacle. Gratitude will lead you out of any rough spot. Appreciate what you have every day.


Keep your eyes on your own work

Focus on your efforts. Pay attention to your growth and learning curve. What others say or do is none of your business. Celebrate other people’s success. Get inspired by them but keep your eyes on your own work.