Recommended Tools & Resources

I've loved it when people I admire like Pat Flynn and Lauren of shared their favorite tools. It was Lauren's recommendation to use Crowdcast for hosting live webinars and I opened my account as a result. So I've been wanting to create a resource page for a long time to help other online entrepreneurs, freelancers and bloggers build their businesses. And how here it is - a starting list of my favorite tools, other blogs and books which will grow bit-by-bit.

Affiliate Disclosure: Not all, but some of them are my affiliate links. Whenever they are my affiliates, I will denote it with an asterisk * next to the headline. So when you click on those links and end up purchasing that tool or service, then I will receive a commission. If I am not paying for these tools myself and using them for my own business, then I will not be listing them here. In other words, I love these tools and will only recommend them if I feel they would be helpful to you as well. 

Note: Affiliate links are noted with the asterisk sign:  *

Website - Squarespace

After making a rookie mistake 8 years ago, I decided to go create a Squarespace Website. Since then I have personally created or helped others to create 6 websites and I absolutely love. I am an official member of Squarepace Circle as well and highly recommend this website creating platform for anyone - even if you have no design skills you can just use the standard templates of Squarespace and come out fairly well.


Email Marketing - ConvertKit*

Before I was a ConvertKit Certified Expert, I was their client and used this email marketing platform for my personal development blog and business ( 
I found it brilliantly crafted making it super easy to use for me. Plus, I love the people behind the company. From Nathan Barry, the founder to their amazing staff and extended family - all people of heart who truly want other entrepreneurs to succeed.

You get 30 Days Free with the link below because of
my connection as a Certified ConvertKit Expert!

Live Webinars - Crowdcast*

I got to know Crowdcast because of Lauren of who holds her weekly events there. I enjoyed the participant experience and found it easy to use. Nothing to download both as a host and a viewer and you can also give your audience to post questions, rank others' questions and take a poll for instant feedback. The only thing that is a bit involved is that you need a second tier account in order to download subscriber list into ConvertKit (and that's via zapier). But with my upcoming tutorials on that, you can set that up in a breeze! I use it for all my Live Trainings!

Landing Pages - LeadPages*

Leadpages is a tool that can make landing pages really easy and fun for you. You can create beautiful landing pages quickly and easily integrate it with ConvertKit. You can create webinar registration pages, sales pages, free PDF download pages. Plus you can set up leadboxes - a neat way to have buttons inside your blog posts to collect subscribers.

If you'd like to use the ease and functionality and beauty of Leadpages, please consider using my affiliate link below: