Get Ready For What's On The Horizon

AUGUST 31st 2017
 2pm EST

The New Visual Automation System is Coming to Your ConvertKit Account on September 5th, 2017.

Want to feel prepared so you stay on top of the game?
Come to the Free Live Training where I'm sharing how it all works from right inside my ConvertKit account!

Game Changing New Feature Releases on September 5th

Visual Automations is a new way of setting up your funnels that can save you time, make things easy and help you better serve your audience as a result. But as any new tool or feature, if you don't know how to use it, you will be losing time, money and doing a disservice to your audience.

I've been personally invited by the ConvertKit team to Beta test the   Visual Automation Feature before it rolls out. Which means I can help you get familiar with it before it is officially activated in your account!

I have to say that the ConvertKit team members have outdone themselves again. It's a really beautiful, streamlined way of setting up your email marketing system.

It made me think: Ah, this is the Zen of Email Marketing...

[Cue: a cool refreshing breeze to ease the hot summer air :-) ]


Set Up Your Evergreen Sales Sequence in Less than10 Minutes!

Watch me show you around my ConvertKit dashboard as we together set up a new sales sequence visual automation for a sales sequence. You can take this very set up and use it in your business. I want to help you get ready so you will be able to jump right in, come September.
 I walk you through creating a simple Evergreen Sales Funnel that you can run with as soon as this feature is activated in your account. And you will see why I am gushing over it!!

Sign up below to join the Live Training on August 31st, 2017 2pm EST:


Join the Live Training on August 31st!

I will show you my ConvertKit dashboard so that you can see how the new visual automations feature can save you time and make funnel-building easy in ConvertKit.

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