My name is Sophia. 
I am a ConvertKit Specialist and I help you monetize your business
with Email Marketing!

I am a ConvertKit Certified Expert focussing on the double power of ConvertKit + Squarespace so that you can take your online presence, and turn it into a consistent source of revenue.
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Sophia Ojha ConvertKit About Page


You know that building trust with your audience is a fundamental part of selling anything in your business.

If people trust you and what you stand for, they will want to work with you or buy your programs and services. It is fact that people buy from people they like, know and trust. So what will help you build that trust?

There's a lot of giving before any receiving!

What I've found in my 5 years of being an online entrepreneur is a simple yet fundamental truth. That truth is this:

When you solve someone's problems,
they begin to like you, respect you and trust you.
And that is when they buy from your or hire you.
That's it.

It can be useful tips that you share for doing something faster, life-hacks that show them how to do things easier, an insight from life or business that they can take and apply in their life. Or it can be you just showing that you too have been in their place facing the same problems of life, business, loving and living. 

This builds trust. This makes the reader feel that they have received something truly meaningful from you.

Create Opportunities For Others To Give Back!

For the longest time, I kept blogging and creating videos on my personal development business site. Long weeks spent on researching, reading and then sharing useful tips. People kept coming to my site, or watched the youtube videos and that was it. But I didn't take it to the next step.

Maybe you are in the same boat. There you are, creating content after content on your blog, youtube channel, Facebook group, or Instagram feed. People are loving it, benefitting from all you are doing. They say, "you saved my life".

But are you giving them an opportunity to give back to you?

No! And that's a problem.

Your followers, RSS subscribers and blog readers are missing their chance to give back. How? Because you are not inviting them to your list.

Your Email List is what I am referring to.

Email marketing is a key tool for your online business. I help you optimize email marketing to connect with your audience, build trust and increase your profits while making a positive difference in the world!

That's where Email Marketing Comes in!

When you build all this trust and goodwill among your readers or followers, you also have to make it easy for them to buy from you, hire you, do something for you. As you know, we humans feel inherently indebted as soon as another human being does something kind or beneficial for us. And we want to help out in any way we can. At least that's how I've come to know people. People are grateful and they want to help. Give them a chance.

How do you do that? Create content upgrades, lead magnets, free courses, so that you get invited into their inbox. 

Once you've got the permission to email them, then you can connect with them on a personal level. You can tailor make your content, speak to their specific needs, get their feedback and...

Invite them to your new online program, mastermind group, or services that you offer.

As a result, you give them the opportunity to buy from you and hire you! Now that they have trust and faith in you, they want to buy what you have to offer.

You monetize from your blog and business! And repeat the whole process again.

This is exactly what I help you do. 


My goal is to help you make a genuine connection with your audience by giving them value, value, value and by building the know, like and trust factor and increase your sales.

As a result you serve your clients, make a difference for them and build your own sense of fulfillment from your business. 

I am happy you are here and would be delighted to get to know you.

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