065: Why you should batch process everything you can in your business

One of the best things I learnt about running a business is the importance of creating good content for my audience. It is a powerful way to make a connection with exactly those people who are looking for solutions that your content can help solve. Email makes if possible to keep your business “top of mind” for your readers/clients.

The other best thing I’ve learnt is to organize and streamline my business activities using batch processing. This can be done very easily using automation tools that are already in place. Case in point: scheduling out emails in advance.

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064: How to tweak the design of your Mailchimp opt-in form on your Squarespace website?

In this video and blog article, you will see how to make your opt-in form a little more pretty. Change colors of the form or make it completely transparent. You will do this all without any code. All you need is to follow the steps and play around with your settings under Design> Site Styles.

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063: How to embed an Mailchimp opt-in form on your Squarespace website?

To make the most of your website, it is important to collect emails and build your list. This not only allows you to continue the conversation with your site visitors who now become your email list members, but also enables you to build trust and continue to offer your services, offers, products and other free and useful content such as videos, workshops and live trainings. In this video + blog article, I show you just how to do that.

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062: How to schedule your emails in Mailchimp

Sending regular content to your email list is how you can continue to offer useful content to your readership. I aim to send out emails once each week and I have found batch processing a great time saver. I wrote another blog post about the many benefits of batch processing and how you can implement such a process in your business. In this post + video, I want to show you how you can technically set up the scheduling of your emails in advance.

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060: Why is the Cart Icon Not Showing up in My Top Navigation?

After I design a website, my clients can still work with me by hiring me on an hourly basis. This blog+video is a direct result of a request my client had after I completed her site. I had created an e-commerce site for her that had a shop with multiple products. My client wanted to have the cart icon show up for her. But she found that to be not a simple click and activate situation. There was one more step to take care of.

If you are using any of the Brine Family of templates and have a product page but your cart icon is not showing up in Design and then Site Styles, then follow the simple step in this video to resolve it.

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059: How to Activate Cart Icon in Your Top Navigation in Squarespace

One of the benefits of a Squarespace site is the ease of the shop functionality. You can have your digital or physical products on sale or you can sell your 1 to 1 services, online workshops (like I do) or coaching sessions.

Now if you want to have a cart icon enabled in your navigation, this blog + video is for you. In this example, I am working with the Rally template but it applies to any template within Brine.

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056: Squarespace Pricing Comparison: Which plan is right for your business?

Hopefully, you are convinced that Squarespace is the right platform for you and now you want to figure out which plan is right for you. Or may be you are still undecided and understanding the Squarespace pricing plans is the last bit you need to make an informed decision. In either case, this blog article is exactly what you need as I walk you through the different plans and show you how they differ from each other so you can make your decision quickly and easily.

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055: My top navigation links became un-clickable and this is how I solved it

I hope that you never run into the problem that recently rendered my top navigation links of my website un-clickable. It was a glitch that completely took me by surprise and even the Squarespace support could not solve it.

But after looking throughly at how I had things set up, I figured it out and fixed it. And today, I want to share it with you. I want to share it with you so that you can learn from this mishap and even if you never experience this particular problem, you will know how to think about solving your website problems on Squarespace.

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