001: What Are Link Triggers in ConvertKit?

Al'right! Now one of the things that makes email marketing fun is that you can see how your efforts are faring. When you write your emails, you can see if someone is opening them or if they are clicking on your links.

There is a way to track who in your list is interested in what you are saying and clicking on the links that you share.

ConvertKit makes that super duper easy with something called Link Triggers. And in this blog I will show you step-by-step how to do it.

Scroll down for a 3.5 min short video tutorial.

Link Triggers In a Nutshell

Link Triggers are a way to track who is clicking on your links within your emails. Follow the steps below to create your very own link trigger. Just do it even if you do not know what you will do with that info. Try it for the sake of getting used to the idea.

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8 Quick Steps:

1. Create or identify the URL link that you want people to click on.

2. Copy it.

3. Create a Tag so you can track it. Ex: "Clicked Tutorial Link for Link Triggers"

4. Go to Automations under your Convertkit Account.

5. Set up the Trigger-Action there

6. Open your email draft that you are working with.

7. Highlight the text you want to be a Link Trigger

8. Select the link trigger that you have already added

9. DONE.

That's it. Here it is in a video so you can follow along.

Quick Step-by-Step Video:

That's it y'all!

Cheers, Sophia!

Let me know if you used this for creating your link trigger. If you like for fun, send me 2 screenshots (of your automation and of your email inside Convertkit) and tell me what you wanted to track with this link trigger. And we could do a follow up blog on this featuring you and other bloggers!

Also, write me below in the comments any questions or challenges you have with link triggers, ConvertKit or with email marketing on the whole!

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