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Website Building Process ⏤ Simplified

With care and focus, I’ve simplified the website building process so that you can literally have a brand new stunning site in 2 weeks. My process is streamlined with step-by-step instructions on when and what content you’ve got to deliver, so that I can get to work and launch your site on the date we choose.


What Your Package Includes:

A beautiful home for your business or your creative portfolio. Want to get going quickly without much ado about nothing? This package is for the artist, author, creative entrepreneur or a small business that wants a stunning design but built fast. It’s for you because you want to easily update your website with new blogs and portfolio/gallery items and have a digital launch pad for future growth and success.


From Start to Finish -
2 Weeks!


What You Get:

+ Welcome Package PDF with step-by-step guide on all content creation
+ Project Timeline of Action Steps leading up to the Launch Hour
+ 1 hr. Initial Design & Strategy Consultation
+ 1 hr. Pre-launch Training Consultation
+ Custom design of up to 5 Pages (Home, About, Contact, Blog (with 3 starter posts), Portfolio or Gallery)



+ Responsive design (mobile-optimized)
+ Social Media Integration
+ Basic SEO
+ Domain Transfer/Set-up or Purchase
+ Designed completely on the Squarespace Platform



+ 1 hr. Initial Design & Strategy Consultation
+ 1 hr. Pre-launch Training Consultation


+ 20% discount on annual Squarespace plan
+ 24/7 Squarespace Support
+ Free access to my growing resource library of video tutorials and articles specifically focused for Squarespace Websites.

Cost: $2500 (USD)

Additional pages can be added as an add-on item at $100/page. See the add-on section below. Add-on items will be completed on a second day, if needed.

Want More Pages? More Perks? ⏤ Get Add-Ons

You can have anything your heart desires. It’s your website. Want somethings added-on? Let’s do it. Just be mindful and recognize that we will also need to add-on some more time to get all the add-ons completed. Have a look at some extra add-ons:


+ Additional Page designed: $100 (similar design of the main website)
+ Blog Posts Transfer from Wordpress/Blogger (up to 20 posts): $300
+ 3 Day Email Support: $150
+ One-off tweaks or blog updates: $175/hr
+ Shop/Ecommerce add-on (with 5 starter products): $1000
+ Video consultation/troubleshooting, : $175/hr

+ 1 Mailchimp account set up and newsletter form integration to collect emails: $175
+ Laser-Focused Squarespace Training via live video: $200/hr (one hour is already included in your package)
+ Favicon: $25 (no design tweaks)

The Simplified Process

The process is a streamlined, organized method of building a site from concept to completion. You get the guidance on what content I need with video instructions, step-by-step guides and a welcome package with all that you’ll need to get the website launched with me.

What’s included

A five page online home for your business or project, built on the Squarespace platform, showcasing your work. This will be a place for you to blog about your creative work and give value to your readers, using the written word, photos, and videos. Homepage, About, Blog, Portfolio/Gallery & Contact pages are included. Shop or email marketing elements can be added-on separately and will extend the design day to one extra day or more depending on the complexity of your needs.

The Process

We will need all your content (text, photos, links) at least two weeks before the start date of the project. Allow plenty of prep time to get all the content ready for me making sure you’ve got all the preparatory content including text, photos and links. I will guide you step-by-step during the two-week period to get everything together. We will also hold our first design consultation on day one when the project starts.

Revisions + TimeLines

You will receive a detailed timeline of how the project will unfold, when you receive the first draft, timeframe for sending me list of revisions, the final draft, final revisions and finally our hand-over call + video training which is done on the day of or day before the launch of the site. You get to send me as many revisions on the site as you like but within a time frame during our 2 week project. I will share with you all the details during our first consultation call on day 1 of the project.

Squarespace Authorized Trainer

Squarespace Authorized Trainer & Circle Member

I am a Squarespace Authorized Trainer. This means my clients get extra benefits such as 20% off on a new annual Squarespace plan! You can activate a discount code that I give you or just purchase a plan on the new account that is set up through me. Now, that’s fancy!


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What Clients Say —

When it comes to technology, I am a frightened deer at the edge of the meadow. Sophia’s patience, understanding, compassion and, most important of all, her knowledge and speed with web design, have turned me into a lion. She will thoroughly prepare you beforehand and give comprehensive support the week afterward. With our co-creation of my website, I feel like I am finally a member of the 21st century cyber-society. I highly recommend her services for anyone of any age or computer skill level. 

Mar Startari-Stegall
Website: www.boonebarndog.com


What My
Colleagues Say —

Sophia has a keen eye for aesthetics and is a great person to work with. She's very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of Squarespace and can be trusted to get a design job done in a professional manner. As her colleague, I'd recommend her in a heartbeat for your next project. Plus, she's very personable and a great listener. 

Marta Raptis, Website Designer & Photographer
Website: www.martaraptis.com