Personal Development Website

This is an example of an extensive website rich with hundreds of blog articles, a shop, online course sales page and video archive for a personal development site. This is the site that I built for myself and have been honing my skills on for the last few years. Live site is at

Writers Group Website

This website was designed for a writers’ group who meet several times a month to discuss, share and explore everything around publishing and the craft of writing. The goal here was to update their existing website to make it modern and reflect the location in the Western North Carolina mountains. Live site is at


Artist Website with E-shop

This site was a fun project as we built it in a day with the artist sitting right next to me at the office. The highlight was building an e-shop for the artist’s merchandise where she has her poetry and art on t-shirts. It was wonderful to work with my client who is a multi-talented artist who performs, paints, writes poetry and one-woman acts. Loved selecting copyright-free photography for her and the color palette that I selected was approved without further revisions. I love it when I can nail the client’s design in the first go.
Live site is at

Hindi non profit web design Squarespace

Non-Profit Education Site with Online Learning

A satisfying project, this website is for a non-profit educational institute based in Edison, New Jersey. It was an extensive project as it included an online learning portal with audio, images and text for students of the Hindi Language. Features include online workshop page, donation button, multi-program descriptions and an interactive online learning portal.
Live site is at


Author Website

Here’s a site I designed for an author based in Washington, DC. One of the unique features of this site is the sub-pages for all four books that are linked from the main “landing page” for Books. Also I enjoyed creating a special page focused on the author’s grandfather, Harlow Shapley, who was an esteemed astronomer who taught at Harvard University. I also designed the timeline of his life’s milestones which was a fun and interesting element of the site. Live Site is at