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Adam Gatdula

Adam Gatdula testimonials Squarespace Workshop

Before taking Sophia's workshop [Create A Website That Converts], I felt pretty comfortable using Squarespace on my own, but after taking her workshop, I felt rejuvenated and highly confident to navigate, develop, and design a website on my own and to even share with a team. Throughout the workshop, I learned Squarespace has more features to boost your website. Whether you are starting from scratch or stuck in the middle of developing your website, Sophia explains the capabilities Squarespace offers. While the online video interaction was new to me, her workshop felt very personal and her teaching style allowed me to feel comfortable with asking questions throughout the session. I would highly recommend this workshop, as it has allowed me to take my current website and upcoming projects to the next level.

Thank you Sophia! I felt very comfortable taking your online workshop, and feel more confident afterward. Your teaching method and explanations for why certain features matter or work the way they do has been very beneficial, especially for someone who is only somewhat tech savvy. Throughout your workshop, I realized there is much more to learn in the Squarespace platform and I was missing out on these features beforehand. I've enjoyed updating my current website and am excited to create more.

Adam Gatdula of West2EastEmpire Seattle, Washington, USA

Mar Startari-Stegall

When it comes to technology, I am a frightened deer at the edge of the meadow. Sophia’s patience, understanding, compassion and, most important of all, her knowledge and speed with web design, have turned me into a lion. She will thoroughly prepare you beforehand and give comprehensive support the week afterward. With our co-creation of my website, I feel like I am finally a member of the 21st century cyber-society. I highly recommend her services for anyone of any age or computer skill level. 

Mar Startari-Stegall of Boone, North Carolina, USA

Katia Herman


Before I met with Sophia, I was overwhelmed with the ins and outs of Squarespace and didn't feel like I would be able to put together my website. After only two hours with an interactive, live format, I felt like I was well on my way to being able to figure it all out. Sophia was able to answer all of my questions, had a depth of knowledge and tools to teach me, and I recommend to anyone that this is an investment 100% worth it. Sophia was an absolute pleasure and I plan to work with her again on my projects!"

Katia Herman of New York City, New York, USA

Almaz Wilson

Taking the online workshop with Sophia was excellent. Step-by-step, she showed me how to create the best possible platform for my work & helped me make a plan for the site I envisioned. If you are looking to work with someone who can articulate clearly and direct you through the web building process, work with Sophia!

Almaz Wilson of Gainesville, Florida, USA

Amy Terrant

Sophia’s online SquareSpace tutorial [Workshop] was engaging and easy to follow. It is clear that she is enthusiastic about web design, and her enthusiasm is contagious! I look forward to using the skills she taught in creating my own site—Kudos!

Amy Terrant Seven Devils, North Carolina, USA

Kathleen Kramberg

I am completely new to building websites and Sophia’s workshop was exactly what I was looking for to help get me started. I really liked the interactive parts and the resources she provides after the training have already been invaluable. She’s also available to answer any questions that may come up later. I highly recommend her workshop.

Kathleen Kramberg San Diego, California, USA

Chelsea Carbary

This workshop was excellent! Sophia provided great foundational training and answered all my questions in an easily digestible way. She also includes 20% off your Squarespace purchase, email and video support following the workshop, and super helpful resources that make building your own website much easier.

Chelsea Carbary of Issaquah, Washington, USA

Marta Raptis

Sophia has a keen eye for aesthetics and is a great person to work with. She's very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of Squarespace and can be trusted to get a design job done in a professional manner. As her colleague, I'd recommend her in a heartbeat for your next project. Plus, she's very personable and a great listener.

Marta Raptis, Website Designer & Photographer of Toronto, Canada

JJ Salem

I made the decision to go with ConvertKit for my new website, and Sophia made the transition seamless. The ConvertKit platform is a powerful tool and ultimately very user-friendly, but it made all the difference to have a certified expert walk me through the on-boarding process and handle the initial migration and tech set-up. Sophia is thoughtful, patient, and has a knack for providing the kind of detailed instruction that turns you loose with confidence and independence. A wise investment for my project!

J.J. Salem, Commercial Fiction Author & Blogger of Jackson, Mississippi, USA


To say my email list on MailChimp was a rat's nest would be an understatement. I had hacked the platform to force "tagging" and my ~8k subscribers were a disorganized mess. I was super nervous about outsourcing my migration to ConvertKit as I didn't think anyone would understand how I had things set up...but I was wrong. After my first call with Sophia, I knew she could do it!

Throughout the whole process, she kept unbelievable track of all my data, what tags were to be used where, what sequences were triggered when, and what automations needed to be set up. Her organization was off the charts and her customer service was through the roof. I had considered some small "teams" for my migration, but in the end felt like I would be just a number to them. With Sophia, I got her undivided attention and nothing fell through the cracks. If you want someone to manage what can be a very stressful and scary process - hire her!

She eliminated all my fears and made the migration absolutely painless.
Whew and THANK YOU!!!!

Heidi, Fashion Designer & Online Entrepreneur of Denver, Colorado, USA

Alan Robarge


Sophia, working with you is the best decision I have made for my business. I knew I needed guidance. I knew I needed a leadership coach. I knew I needed help. And – you have delivered beyond my expectations. You have offered trust. It is an amazing feeling to know that I can trust your guidance for decision-making. I trust that you understand my business and vision. I know you are truly cheering me on and want me to succeed.

Now, this even gets better. On top of all of that, you offer these little gems of procedure, time-saving shortcuts that give me solutions to challenging obstacles. If I were to go it alone, it would take me hours and hours to research some of the things you share with me in 5 minutes.

Not only do I get reliable collaboration, I get peace-of-mind when working with you. I fully feel supported. You deliver in terms of completing tasks for projects, but more importantly you show up as part of my team. In the spirit of a testimonial, I support anyone who wants to work with you. You are amazing. Also, I welcome anyone to contact me who wants to hear first-hand just how helpful you can be to their business. Your skills and friendly attitude are what every entrepreneur needs!

Alan Robarge, Relationship Coach & Online Entrepreneur of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Jessica Nichols


Sophia was so friendly and helpful and it turns out she helps people with their migrations! She has a very robust line of offers, but I like to do things in small bits and Sophia was so flexible. I completely trusted her with my credentials. She was very professional and did the migration very quickly.

We met on Skype where she gave me a guided tour of ConvertKit. She went above and beyond by setting up a template with my logo on it too. When I’m ready to do more advanced things, I will definitely turn to Sophia for help.

She is a radiant, warm, smart, technically savvy woman with wonderful energy! Hiring her saved me hours of watching/reading tutorials.

Jessica Nichols, Photographer and Writer of Oregon, USA

Jordan Schanda

Clients of ConvertKit services

I decided to migrate from Mail Chimp to ConvertKit just a few days before a launch. I am so glad I took the plunge, but after migrating, I found that I had tons of questions about all the ConvertKit features.

I am typically the type to try to figure everything out myself, but I am so glad I hired Sophia for a 1:1 Consultation! She walked me through the features and then checked the logic for all of my automation rules. I was wanting to set up a very complex and unconventional funnel and she was kind enough to do research after our call and continue to support me via email until everything was figured out!

I would highly recommend Sophia for anyone wanting to better understand and utilize ConvertKit!

Jordan Schanda, College Planning and Organization for Students of

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