005: How to Add a Banner or Logo in your ConvertKit Emails?

If you are using ConvertKit for sending out emails you know how awesome it is to have a clean, minimalist design that helps your emails land in inboxes. But you may be thinking, "How about adding a banner image to add that brand recognition!" Well, you can add a banner or a logo for that matter to the top of your emails as a header and you do this by following these steps.

1. Create a Tag called "Test"

Now you are wondering why do I start with a tag? You will find out in a moment, so hold your horses!

2. Create your Banner Image

You can create a banner using any of the free design tools out there such as Canva, Picmonkey or Easil. Or you can have it designed by a graphic designer on Upwork or other freelancer sites. 
The important thing is the size. Make the banner to be 600px in width and about 125px in height. This proportion looks quite nice on CK emails. You can try 600px x 200px and see if you like that better but I think 600px x 125px works just fine.

Here's the link to the video training on How to Create An Email Banner in Less Than 5 minutes.

3. Create a Custom Template From Scratch

Start by grabbing the code in one of the three default templates. Then click on create new template and paste it there. Name it and click save.

4. Then come over to the blog and grab the header code:

<div class="header">
<p><img src="Add the html code of the banner here"  alt="Sophia Ojha"></p>

Note: the text you see in bold will be replaced. See instructions in step 5.

5. Upload the banner into Convertkit via Broadcasts

Go into Broadcasts and create a new broadcast. Under recipients make sure you are selecting the test tag...you see now why we created this in the first place? :-) Next, upload the banner by clicking on the photo icon in the tool bar. Finally, click the html code icon and grab the code for the image. (Place it in header code you grabbed in Step No. 4).

6. Preview and Click Save.

7. Test the Template under Sequences or Broadcasts

Make any tweaks you may need so it looks like you want it. One way to do this is by going into Sequence, creating a test sequence and sending yourself a preview by email. This is a really good way to see how your email template will look like in the inbox. You can also do this by going into broadcasts and sending yourself a test email. 

Take a look at the video below to see it all play out in action:

Al'right that it. Let me know how it works out for you. I'd love to what you create so make a screenshot and share it in the comments! 


PS: Let me know what other tutorials on ConvertKit and Squarespace you'd like to see and I'd be happy to create videos that will help you achieve it.


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