018: How to Change "Unsubscribe" into German or other languages in your ConvertKit Emails

Hello my multi-lingual friends, 

This video tutorial is specifically for you if you are writing your emails in a language other than English.

Yes, a lot of your readers may be bilingual or multi-lingual and may understand what it means when you write "unsubscribe". But let's say everything you write is in Dutch or French, then to have this one lone English word in the footer of your emails, just stands out unnecessarily. 

So, right now, you may have the foot of your emails looking like this:


But what if your audience is German speaking. And you want to just make it easy and familiar to them when they want to unsubscribe. You may want your email footer to look like this:


So then how to add "abmelden" instead of "unsubscribe" in the footer?

Follow the steps in my super short video which will make it simple as...

A B C. It's easy as, 1 2 3. As simple as, do re mi... well, you get the idea! Yes, I am a MJ fan ;)

Al'right, watch the video for the quick steps:


So, I hope that was super easy to follow. Please let me know what language you changed your unsubscribe link to and what it translates to in your language! Plus, if you have a question you'd like me to make video tutorial on, just drop it in the comments. I will add that to my list of blog ideas - probably to the top of my list if I know it's a burning question you have. (I want to make tutorials that solve a real problem - not something I think you may need. So please take advantage of this).

Also, if you'd like me to email you a link of that tutorial when it is done, then please make a free tutorial request using the button in the footer of this website. You can drop in your question there.

Thanks again for watching! Good luck in your Convertkit + blogging adventures! :)

Peace and harmony to you,


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