027: ConvertKit's New Visual Automation - What's the buzz?

In June 2017, ConvertKit announced at the Craft + Commerce Conference that they would release a new feature - the visual automation. Everyone oohed and aahed as the audience gasped (yes, I was one of the nerds getting excited to see the demo).

The Time Line of Release
August 1st - Beta Testing to the first 6 and more (yes, I was one of the 6 - yayyy!)
August 22nd - First 1000 customers receive access
September 5th - All ConvertKit Customers get access

So what's all the buzz about?

Well, one of the contentions that a lot of people had about ConvertKit was that there was no visual way of setting up the funnels like in other platforms like Active Campaign, Infusionsoft, Drip and Mailterlite. ConvertKit's team was fully aware of this and was working hard to create a feature that would do the visual automation better.

Why Sending Targeted Content is Important?

If you want to see a demo of what Visual Automation looks like, then definitely make time for my live video training on Sept 28th to show you my dashboard. But in short, with visual automations, you can customize the journey your subscriber takes within your funnels in a highly visual way. 

You can still scribble the funnel on a piece of paper but now you will be able to do this right inside your ConvertKit account. With great ease you can connect events, actions and conditions (more on that in the live training). And you can even edit sequences and forms from right within the visual automation/editor!! (This is what made me gasp when Nathan demonstrated this at the June Conference - yes, it's that good!).

Visual Automations will make you ooh-aah in delight!

Not only will this make funnel building easy, you will also be able to track how well your content is doing. You can see at a glance how your audience is responding to the materials you are sending them. 

There's only one way to say this: this is a game changer. I know, I know, how cliched!. Nathan Barry, the founder of ConvertKit calls the new visual automation, "the most substantial product update in our history." And I'd like to show you what this automation looks like on the inside.

Sign up for the next Live Training:
When: 2pm EST, Sept 28th, 2017 Thursday
What: Live One Hour Training - Basics of the New Visual Automation Feature in ConvertKit

On Thursday Sept 28th, I am holding a free live training (no pitch) on the new Visual Automation Feature in ConvertKit. I will be showing you how you can send specific content to subscribers within a specific tag and how to send them something else if they don't have that specific tag.

I will also explain the difference between Event, Action and Condition - the three pillars that you will be building your funnels on. This way you can pitch something only to those who are yet to become customers and spare your existing customers from the sales talk - and in this way send very targeted content to your audience. 

If you'd like to learn how to do all that, this training is for you. You can also ask me questions live and see if I can answer them!

What can Visual Automation be useful for?

You can use the visual automation for all the things you are already doing in your account. But if you are not fully optimizing the use of your ConvertKit account, then Visual Automations can help you.

You can do all of this with ease:

  1. Build out a Welcome Sequence

  2. Create a Sales Sequence only for non-customers

  3. Add subscribers from different forms into a single sequence

  4. You can create a Webinar sequence - pre and post webinar

  5. You can create surveys inside your welcome email and tag people according to their responses

If you are currently in the process of building out any of these, let me know. If possible, I will do a live demo for you to implement in your business. You will also get a recording so you can watch and work!

As always write me your questions in the comments below.