029: How to remove the announcement bar just from one page on Squarespace?

Hello my friend,

This one is short and sweet. On your Squarespace site, you are able to add an announcement bar on the very top. This is really nice because you can draw attention of the visitor to something that is current or most important. 

It looks like this:


But what if you'd like to remove it?

In my case, the announcement bar draws attention to my live trainings.  But once I get to that page (by clicking on the link in the announcement bar), I don't need that bar there. 

So how do you remove it from just that page?
All you have to do is:
1. go to that particular page in your dashboard and click on settings
2. Click Advanced Settings
3. add this piece of code in the Advanced Settings:
.sqs-announcement-bar  { display: none; }

4. Hit Save, Refresh the page and see the results! Done!


Announcement Bar in Squarespace

Watch the video below for a quick demonstration:


Love it when things are quick and simple, right? Me too! :)

Let me know if this worked for you in the comments!