045: 51 resources for free stock photo sites to use on your Squarespace website 2018

When you think of starting a new website, many details start emerging. One of them is: "where do I get photos for my website?" On Squarespace, you can easily purchase photos from Getty Images. It's actually integrated into the backend when you use the image block. But at $10 a piece + state and local tax, that can quickly add up.

Alternatively, you can have photos professionally shot. Find a local portrait/brand photographer, see their portfolio, chat with them and hire them for a day shoot. Excellent! But those photos are great for creating some nice brand photos that you can use on your About page, Home page or Work With Me pages. What about photos for your blog content?

Well, my dear web designer/entrepreneur, thankfully, there are so many wonderful stock photo sites that you will have enough for hundreds upon hundreds of blog posts. In fact, you can swim in an ocean of stock photos and the ocean keeps expanding - that's how creative we humans are. But I digress! In other words, the lack of photos is no longer an obstacle on your website-building journey! Isn't that a relief?

Below you will find a list of photo sites that have a variety of stock photos for you in a number of categories from Business, Nature, Landscape, Technology, Food, Animals, Women, Men and so on.

Before you go scroll through them, keep in mind to check the license and copyright requirements, even though many of these sites offer photos under Creative Commons Zero; meaning no copyright restrictions. It's best to double check for each site because copyright infringement can cost you in time, money and headache. 

Without further ado, here's a collection of stock photo sites in no particular order.
(Also see my little tip to prevent overwhelm below).

51 Resources for free stock photo sites to use on your Squarespace Website

I've made little notes with anything that stands out to further help you choose. 

  1. Burst

  2. Magdeleine.co

  3. publicdomainarchive.com (vintage public domain images)

  4. realisticshots.com
    (7 new photos everyday)

  5. stocksnap.io

  6. images.superfamous.com
    (need to provide credit)

  7. photostockeditor.com
    (new images weekly)

  8. travelcoffeebook.com (wonderful photos of Asia)

  9. SpaceX
    (public domain space photos)

  10. thepicpac
    (pay what you want)

  11. epicantus
    (photos by photographer Daria)

  12. moveeast.met (photographer from Portugal)

13. cupcake
14. barnimages.com (photos, fonts, mockups)
15. mmtstock.com (photos + video)
16. snapwiresnaps.tumblr.com 
17. bucketlisty.blog (travel photos)
18. stock.tookapic.com (artsy)
19. skitterphoto.com (photographers from the Netherlands started it)
20. freenaturestock.com (nature images)
21. imcreator.com/free  (slow to load)
22. canva.com (yes, free photo downloads!)
23. kaboompics.com (one woman show)
24. Unsplash
25. Gratisography
26. Pixabay
27. Stockvault
28. Pexels
29. Picjumbo.com
30. Pikwizard

31. Rawpixel
32. Reshot (handpicked, non-stocky)
33. foodiesfeed.com (food)
34. freestocks.org
35. picography.co
36. lifeofpix.com
37. littelvisuals.co
38.deathtostockphoto.com  (scholarships for artists and nonprofits)
39. new old stock (vintage pics from public archives)
40. jaymantri.com
41. shotstash.com
42. styledstock.co (feminine stock photography)
43. fancycrave.com
44. splitshire.com
45. isorepublic.com
46. libreshot.com (fine art photography)
47. startupstock.com
48. freerangestock.com
49. stokpic.com
50. negativespace.co
51. picography.co 

And as a bonus, here’s a blog article written by Amos Struck of Cologne, Germany in which he has compiled a comprehensive list of free stock photo resources and given a verdict and a score on usability of each resource so it's easy to choose one. So check it out:

Tip to prevent overwhelm: Now, you have a huge photo resource to choose from. To prevent overwhelm, skim the list and click on sites that resonate. Check them out first. If you don't find anything you like, then come back to this list to look again.

What do you think of this list? Do you have a favorite free stock photo site that is not listed here? Share in the comments!

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