070: 3 Ways to edit your blog on Squarespace

You most likely have a blog on your Squarespace website (if you don’t it’s not too late - start today!). And if you are still editing on the tiny little screen that opens up when you click on edit inside your blog page, you will love today’s quick video. I am showing you three ways to edit your blog and two of them make you feel like you are editing on a word processor.

Update No. 1
Update No. 2
Update No. 3

Click below to watch the video tutorial

Updating your blog should be quick, easy and fun. If you are used to writing on your word processor in a full-screen mode to remove all distractions, you will love Update Method No. 3.

Update Method No. 1

The first method is to click on “Edit” when you open up your Blog just like the purple arrow is showing you in the image on the right.

Update blog easily on Squarepace

It will open up to this box below. It is a tiny frame within which you are now to unleash your creative powers.

Blog is easy to update on Squarespace

Alas, a small tiny box tends to narrow our vision and I personally find it limiting when it comes to writing my blog articles. So I go on to Update Method No. 2.

Update Method No. 2

In this method, instead of clicking the “Edit” in the left sidebar, you are to click “Edit” that shows up in within the small black box above the blog article itself, just like the purple arrow is pointing to in the screenshot below:


It will open up a bigger box like this:

Blogging with Squarespace

Now that’s much better. But how about this third method that allows you even more screen freedom? Check out Update Method No. 3.

Update Method No. 3

To arrive at the large screen that I’ve been promising so far, you’ll need to first click on Edit in the sidebar (just like in Update Method No. 1). See the purple arrow below:

Blog articles publishing on Squarespace

Then, it will open the tiny box. You need to now click on the arrow on the upper right corner of the tiny box like you see in the image below.

Squarespace for bloggers

That will open up the page to a full screen mode where you have the wide open canvas to paint with your words, images, video or a combination thereof. This mode allows for the most flexibility and ease when updating your blog post.

Edit your blog in three easy ways on Squarespace

It may look like a small detail but when you want to crunch out lots of quality blogs and articles for your content marketing, then having conducive methods will go a long way.

easily edit your squarespace blog

I hope that this video and blog makes editing your blog fun. When you are having fun, you will be more creative and create more and better things for your audience!

Your Turn:

Tell us what you blog about and here’s my invitation to drop in the URL to your website in the comments! Hey, take this up because - free advertising :-) Chime in, in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

~ Sophia

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