Jessica Nichols - Photographer and Writer

I'm so grateful for this lovely testimonial from Jessica. It makes doing my work even more sweeter.

Squarespace Website Design Services and building a blog

Sophia was so friendly and helpful and it turns out she helps people with their migrations! She has a very robust line of offers, but I like to do things in small bits and Sophia was so flexible. I completely trusted her with my credentials. She was very professional and did the migration very quickly. 

We met on Skype where she gave me a guided tour of ConvertKit. She went above and beyond by setting up a template with my logo on it too. When I’m ready to do more advanced things, I will definitely turn to Sophia for help.

She is a radiant, warm, smart, technically savvy woman with wonderful energy! Hiring her saved me hours of watching/reading tutorials.

Jessica Nichols, Photographer and Writer at