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Squarespace Fundamentals:

A Live Video Workshop in which I show you
step-by-step how to build your first Squarespace website.

No Coding Needed.
No Design Background Needed.

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Learn How to Create Your First Page

Follow me as I show you how to use content blocks to add text, images and video. I will show you:
+ how to create a new page
+ what is the difference between an index and a folder
+ what to do with the demo pages
+ how to use a cover page (for creating a “Coming Soon” page for example)
+ plus other tips on using the non-linked section
+ how to use the in-built pages in your template to create stunning layouts (homepage, about page, contact page)


Add Visual Harmony With Photos

Images are core to visual storytelling and your website need to have enough images to create a mood or convey a message. I will walk you:
+ how add a single image on a page
+ how to add images in the banner
+ how to create a gallery
+ the difference between a gallery block and a gallery page and which one to use when

Style Editor Squarespace

Customize Your Fonts & Colors with Style Editor

Each Squarespace Site comes with a template that you can customize to make it your own. I will walk you through the settings of the Style Editor and show you:
+ how to change font type
+ how to change font size and color
+ how to change colors of links and buttons
+ how to stylize your footer
+ how to make your add logos or text to your site header

Love From
Workshop Participants!

Taking the online workshop with Sophia was excellent. Step-by-step, she showed me how to create the best possible platform for my work & helped me make a plan for the site I envisioned. If you are looking to work with someone who can articulate clearly and direct you through the web building process, work with Sophia!

Almaz Wilson, www.almazwilson.com
from Gainesville, Florida, USA. July Workshop Participant.

Additional Features You Will Learn

What if you want to add a button that sends folks to a different page? Or what if you want to add an inquiry form to encourage your visitor to ask details about your services? And finally what if you want to connect your social media accounts to your site?
How to do that? Well, I will show you how to do all of that.

Linking Buttons

How to Link Buttons

connecting Social media on Squarespace Website

How to Connect Social Media

Contact Form

How to Add A Forms

Who is this workshop for?

Squarespace Fundamentals is a short introductory workshop designed specifically for newcomers to the Squarespace platform. It is for someone who has, perhaps, started a trial account and quickly found a need to find some guidance to navigate the system. Or someone who loves to learn and wants to get into designing their website by learning the foundations first in an orderly fashion. It is also helpful for someone who got a site designed by a friend and now they want to take over the reins of their site themselves. The workshop as a whole has a beginner's focus and flair.

If you feel fairly at ease navigating the platform, you may benefit from a more advanced workshop (in the works). Drop me an email at so@sophiaojha.com with any questions and I’ll be happy to help you out :-)

Love From
Workshop Participants!

I am completely new to building websites and Sophia’s workshop was exactly what I was looking for to help get me started. I really liked the interactive parts and the resources she provides after the training have already been invaluable. She’s also available to answer any questions that may come up later. I highly recommend her workshop.

Kathleen Kramberg From San Diego, California, USA. June Workshop Participant.


Your First Website Is Around the Corner

Building a new website is exciting. But there are so many details to master. In this 90 minute workshop, I will show you the A B C’s of building your first site. Just select a date and we can get started.

+ There will be time for Q&A so you can get questions answered live.
+ You will get orientation package via email that will include pre-workshop materials so you can prepare for the workshop.

Squarespace Fundamental Workshop Authorized Trainer

Online. Wherever you have hi-speed internet access! (Video Call Link details will be sent via email).

90 Min Live
Online Video Training

Pick one from the dates below.

US$ 75

Register Your Seat:

Pick one of these three upcoming dates:

Register by 3pm:

Please reserve your spot latest by 3pm ET of the day before the workshop so I can send you video call details and prep emails on time. I will close the registration around 3pm the day before the workshop.

Workshop Time:

All workshops are held at 10 am - 11:30 am Eastern Time/New York.

Check how these Eastern Times translate into your local Time Zone using this free time zone converter:


If you have questions about this, just email me and I will shoot you a reply back quickly: so@sophiaojha.com. Don’t hesitate, I am friendly :)

When You Register, You'll Also Receive:

20% Discount code on first year of annual Squarespace Package

Recording of the Live 90 min Workshop so you can refer to it later.

A Website Launch Checklist so you will know all the steps you need to launch!

Love From
Workshop Participants!

Sophia’s online SquareSpace tutorial [Squarespace Fundamentals Workshop] was engaging and easy to follow. It is clear that she is enthusiastic about web design, and her enthusiasm is contagious! I look forward to using the skills she taught in creating my own site—Kudos!

Amy Terrant Seven Devils, North Carolina, USA

Squarespace Workshop Training Website that Converts

Your Host: Sophia Ojha Ensslin

I am your Squarespace Authorized Trainer and host of this live workshop.  

Squarespace web designer and email marketing specialist based in Western North Carolina, USA, I create stunning websites that represent the ethos of my clients while consulting them on time-tested email marketing strategies to build their trust, grow their list, and gain clients/sell products. I love working with small businesses, non-profits and creative entrepreneurs such as authors, photographers, coaches and online content creators.

Have a question about the workshop? I am friendly! Feel free to email me at so@sophiaojha.com