Want to Create A Website That Converts?


A beautifully designed website is wonderful. But how about a beautifully designed website that actually converts - grows your list, builds your credibility, gets you clients and sells your products?

Well, my friend, it is time for you to shine.

Craft Your Stunning Squarespace Website + Implement Time-Tested
Content & Email Marketing Tips to Grow Your List & Get Clients

Let me help you create a website that builds upon the stunning design capability of Squarespace and content marketing as well as email marketing tips that I have personally found to work well in my business.

From the time I made my first website back in 2010, I've loved the power of an online presence. If you are a creator who wants to sell things or an expert who wants to provide services, a website makes the world your oyster. Literally, having an online presence opens up to you the whole world.

An effective website has enabled me serve clients all around the United States - from Texas to Washington, from California to Pennsylvania. And internationally including United Kingdom, Hong Kong, India, and Australia. From nutritionalists, fashion designers and photographers to relationship coaches and investment bankers, my Squarespace website has helped me to be found by and to serve a variety of businesses and creative entrepreneurs.


Workshop Details

In this 90 min workshop, you will learn:

+ How to create the 5 most important pages for your website from scratch.
+ How to integrate content and email marketing tools on your website to grow your list, build your credibility and gain clients for services and sell digital/physical products.
+ There will be time for Q&A so you can get questions answered live.
+ You will get a video recording of the 90 min workshop.
+ You will get orientation package via email that will include pre-workshop materials so you can prepare for the workshop.
+ You will get post-workshop materials to guide you after the workshop is over.
+ You will also get a 20% discount code for your first Squarespace website.

Al'right! Get your marketing materials ready as you will soon have your website ready! :)

Create A Website That Converts Squarespace Workshop Authorized Trainer

Cost: $147

Where: Online. Wherever you have hi-speed internet access! (Video Call Link details will be sent via email).
Duration: 1 session of 90 min
When: Pick from June 27th/June 28th/June 29th

Pick A Date:

Date 1: June 27, 2018 Wed 3 pm - 4:30 pm EDT (New York)

Date 2: June 28, 2018 Thu 11 am - 12:30 pm EDT (New York)

Date 3: June 29, 2018 Fri 6 pm -7:30 pm EDT (New York)

Squarespace Workshop Training Website that Converts

Your Host: Sophia Ojha Ensslin

I am your Squarespace Authorized Trainer and host of this live workshop.  

Squarespace web designer and email marketing specialist based in Western North Carolina, USA, I create stunning websites that represent the ethos of my clients while consulting them on time-tested email marketing strategies to build their trust, grow their list, and gain clients/sell products. I love working with small businesses, non-profits and creative entrepreneurs such as authors, photographers, coaches and online content creators.

Have a question about the workshop? I am friendly! Feel free to email me at so@sophiaojha.com