022: How to Create A Custom Opt-out Link in Your Email (Path 1: Within Each Email)

In ConvertKit, there's one unsubscribe link. It is at the very bottom of your email in the footer.

And there's really no way to have your subscribers update their preferences. So what if you have a launch sequence or a free email course sequence and you want to give your audience to opt-out just from those emails. But still stay on your list. What do you do?

You create a Custom Opt-out Link.
Yes, the answer to that question is that you'd create a custom opt-out link. But before I show you how to create that op-out link, we need to know where do you place it. Because the steps on how to create that opt-out link will depending on where you want to place it.

There are two places you can choose to place your custom opt-out link:

Path 1. Simple & Easy: In side every email in your sequence
You just place it next to your signature or somewhere at the end of the email. But then you'd have to do this for each email in that sequence.

Path 2. A bit more involved: in the footer of a custom email template
When you put in the custom email template, then it shows up in the footer of all the emails that use this custom template - making it automatic; no need for you add it again and again. For this second option, you'd have slightly more steps involved but it's doable. Just follow along. And if questions arise, do share them with me in the comments.

Decided which path you want to follow?
Now follow along these steps below or watch the video to create your very own custom unsubscribe link.

For Path 2, see Video 023 here.

Path 1. Adding the Opt-out Link inside Every Email in your Sequence

If you go for this option then note that you will have to add the link in every email of the sequence. But the steps are simple.

a. Create a Thank You Page
b. Create a Tag
c. Create a Link Trigger (Watch video: 001 on link triggers if you'd like to refresh your understanding of what they are)
d. Add it into your email.

Watch the video to see how to do this. (Coming soon!)


For Path 2, see Video 023 here.

I hope that you will use one of these two options to give your audience a chance to opt-out of certain kinds of emails. Do give it a try and always feel free to write me your follow-up questions in the comments below.



Note: This is not for replacing your unsubscribe link. That would be breaking anti-spam laws. So we will leave that unsubscribe link alone. We are just adding another "opt-out" link for removing someone from a particular type of email we are sending out in addition to the official unsubscribe link.