036: Four areas on which I blog about on sophiaojha.com

Two years ago, I created reflectionpond.com, a platform where I shared my personal insights on cultivating simple daily practices to experience a deeper sense of inner-peace happiness. I created that site to help women entrepreneurs move forward in their business by overcoming one of the major obstacles we face: self-doubt and negative thought patterns.

The interesting thing is that in the course of building that website, I picked up a ton of tech skills. I just devoured everything I could learn about online marketing and learnt so much about email marketing in the process.

And I simply enjoyed everything about it! So I took my own advice that I shared on that site of "following the signs to where there is flow" and began offering email marketing services. Soon, people began to request my help and sophiaojha.com, this site and business, was born!

The two tools
I now help online entrepreneurs build their business using the double power of Squarespace (to house your online presence) and ConvertKit (for building, growing and nurturing your audience). ConvertKit is an email marketing platform increasingly loved by bloggers and online entrepreneurs.

These are the two tools I focus on because they are unbeatable when combined for online success.

On this site, you will find lots of blog posts with tweaks and tips on how to maximize your Squarespace website. And I add in detailed step-by-step guides, tutorials and trainings on how to use and harness the power of ConvertKit.

A zen approach for business
But most importantly, I help entrepreneurs grow their audience while building their trust by using a zen approach to email marketing. This zen approach is all about being real and authentic - treating people like friends not potential customers. It is about simplifying in order to focus on what's most essential. And it is about zooming in on how you can offer value in everything you do. 

Authenticity + Value + Simplify = My Zen Approach.

As a result you serve your audience and make a difference for them. You build your own sense of fulfillment from your business. You follow your heart and inner-guidance system rather than fall for the latest business and marketing trend. And when you simplify things, things get easier to manage. This is where for me a fulfilling online business emerges from - value, authenticity and simplification.

You will hear about my Zen approach referenced in different ways throughout my blogs, video tutorials, live trainings and programs. But if you'd like to start a conversation around it, just hop on down to the comments section and share your thoughts on it. 

The unique struggles of a soloprenuer
And finally, I also want this site to be a source of inspiration for the online business person - especially to those of you who like me are female soloprenueurs* with a dream for our lives + message for making this world a better place. Running an online business has its unique struggles that bring up very unique inner-conflicts for the modern female entrepreneur.

And they are crucial to recognize, deal with and eventually dissolve if are to keep a peaceful happy life. I don't see much talk about these struggles and the solutions for them and I want to begin a conversation about them because I've needed that and continue to need that support as I grow with my business. So unique online business related mindset issues will also find a place on this site.
*solopreneur= solo entrepreneur running an online business.

Four areas for blogs + tutorials
So this is what you will find me blogging about on sophiaojha.com:

  1. Website design tips (all Squarespace related)
  2. Email marketing strategies (all ConvertKit related)
  3. The zen approach to email marketing and online business
  4. The trials and victories of being a soloprenueur 

And what type of media do I focus on here:

  1. Youtube Video Tutorials
  2. Blog articles
  3. Live Workshops

If any or all of this is of interest to you, my dear friend, then I am super glad you found me and my little home on the internet. I welcome you to write me in the comments, come to my live trainings and connect for collaborating with me. 

Welcome and Let's make it Happen!