035: Customize Your ConvertKit Email Template With these 5 Videos

If you'd like to customize your ConvertKit Emails to match your brand, this blog is for you. Below I've listed five most asked for videos/tutorials when it comes to customizing the look of emails inside ConvertKit.

Take a look at the following blog posts that have step-by-step directions with screenshots, code for copying into your template as well as complete video walkthroughs:

1. How to add a banner image to your emails: https://www.sophiaojha.com/blog/005-adding-banner-to-convertkit-emails

2. How to changing the color of the unsubscribe link: https://www.sophiaojha.com/blog/016-how-to-change-unsubscribe-link-color-in-convertkit

3. How to change "unsubscribe" into German or other languages: https://www.sophiaojha.com/blog/018-change-unsubscribe-into-german-or-other-languages

4. How to change the link colors that are in the body of your emails: https://www.sophiaojha.com/blog/003-changing-link-color-on-convertkit

5. How to add social media icons: https://www.sophiaojha.com/blog/002-social-media-links-convertkit-email-template

I hope this helps. If you'd rather have a template created by me, then you can hire me for an hour on my new Services page to get started.