049: Should you hire a web designer or DIY your website?

Hiring a Web Designer Vs. Doing-It-Yourself (DIY) 

This article is for you if your are caught in the moment where you need a new website but aren't quite sure if you really need to hire a professional web designer or to go build it yourself using one of the many drag-and-drop website builders.

Now, as a website designer myself who loves to design websites, I don't think hiring a designer is right for everyone. There is a certain need that website designers fulfill and if you actually have those needs then go hire a designer. Otherwise, invest the time and effort to learn all about website building and build it yourself. Use the questions to make the choice that's right.

Should you hire a web designer or do it yourself with a website builder?

I've prepared a set of 3 questions for you that you need to ask yourself when it comes to deciding whether you should hire a web designer or do-it-yourself using a website builder. They are all around the concepts of Money, Skills and Time.

1 | Funds

Hiring a website designer comes with many pros. But to tap into their services and expertise, it is important to have the funds to hire them. If you are starting up a business that doesn't have a starting capital or if your business doesn't generate enough revenue to cover your costs, then you should wait before hiring a designer. 

Now I know some of you may say, "Hey, but I want to hire a website designer because I want to create more revenue in my business". To that, I would say,"Okay. Then start with a small website that will not cost you an arm and a leg. Hire a designer who is also starting out and wants to prove what they are made of."

When starting out as a solopreneur* for example, you may have more time than money on your hands. Use this time to learn about web design and building websites that will generate revenue."

*solopreneur = a business run by one person (often online)

So the question to ask yourself is:
Question: Do you have trouble finding enough funds to hire a website designer's services? 
Answer:  Yes / No

2 | Tech Skills

Website building is fun and exciting for me. In fact, learning about building a successful business online has been very interesting for me and I have spent thousands of hours pouring into books, blogs, videos and courses. If you feel you want to learn about web building then go ahead and DIY your site. You will stimulate your brain and feel happy about yourself when you create your site. There are tons of resources out there (like my blog) that will show you the many aspects of building a site that also is a high-converting site (creates revenue/ builds lists/ enrolls members, etc). 

However, the same tech jargon and nitty-gritty can quickly get overwhelming and stressful. If you cannot stand anything around templates, design fundamentals, conversion-principles; or if the sound of Settings, Analytics, Security turns you off, or if you feel overwhelmed by the idea of watching tutorials and sitting through trainings about website backend technology, then the answer is clear, I hope? A web designer will be the right partner to help you birth your vision into a stunning online presence so you can focus on your core genius and leave the tech to the pros.

Tip: Even if you have your site designed by a website designer, I highly recommend that you inform yourself on the basics of running your site, updating content like text and photos or new pages and service packages. This will save you hundreds of dollars when it comes to updating your site with new content later. Some designers (such as myself) include video trainings as part of their design package so that the clients know how to work with their new sites.

So ask the question to ask yourself is:
Question: Does dealing with tech stress or overwhelm you or do you prefer not to learn about it?
Answer:  Yes, I love it / No, I'm already overwhelmed thinking about it

3 | Time

As much as learning about the tech behind building a website can be fun and exciting, it is time consuming. My first website that I built was back in 2010 for my personal development site which has gone through countless updates and design tweaks over the last years. And with every site that I've built, from a site for a folk-rock music band from North Carolina, to a non-profit organization for education in New Jersey, I've learnt more and more. I'm constantly learning and not because it is part of my job as a web designer. But because I love to learn everything about web design and digital marketing.  If you have the time to invest in learning, go ahead! You can learn all you want, the world is your oyster.

However, if you want to launch your site in the next couple of months, then you will need the expertise of a web designer. If you are at stage where you are working full-time and building your side-hustle during weekends and evenings, then time is of the essence. You want to leverage all that you've got. A web designer can help you take your vision and bring it into reality and your focus will be about reaching out to your ideal clients not fussing about tech details. In such a case, your next step will be more about two things: 1. which designer is a right fit and 2. which platform is a right fit for you. 

So ask the question to ask yourself is:
Question: Do you have the time to invest in learning right now?
Answer:  Yes, I do / No, I want to launch my website in the next two months. 

Review the answers to these questions.

If your review shows that you need to delegate the web design work, then you will benefit greatly from the services of a professional web designer. He or she will take the stress and headaches away from you. They will handle the tech, the design and take the time to understand your needs. They can advise you on things that will make a big difference in your business, based on their experience and expertise. All of this allows you to
to focus on your message, your vision and your goals for your site.

Building a website is an important part of building your business. And I hope these three questions give you a good guideline in your decision-making process.

Let me know in the comments what questions you are currently facing around building your next website or redesigning your current website.

~ Peace, Sophia

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