057: How to Change the Background Color of an Index Section

Are you ready for a little CSS fun? There’s a lot you can do with Squarespace websites and one of them is tweaking the design to create your own customized look - a look away from the templates that Squarespace offers. Today, I am showing you how you can change up the background color of a page or section in your Index collection of pages.

Have a look at this super quick video (less than 5 minutes) to see how it is done.

1| Identify the URL Slug of the section

As you will see in the video, the Navigation Title and the URL Slug of your page/section may not be the same. So you first need to collect the URL slug of the page you are targeting.

Notice that I will use the word “page” and “section” interchangeable as both apply in this situation. An Index is a collection of pages. Each page is called a section.

To find the URL slug, click on the wheel icon that is next to the Page you are targeting. Then look for the URL Slug and either copy it or memorize it.

Try and memorize it to train your memory skills - well that’s what I tell myself at least. You can always go back and check if you missed something and you will know that latest when the CSS code doesn’t apply to your section. That’s because the Code never lies! Okay, I am in a funny mood as I prepare this blog (I hope you don’t mind).

URL Slug Index Page Squarespace
URL Slug Page Settings Squarespace Changing Background Color of Section

2| Go over to Design Panel

Armed with your URL slug, you will jump into your Design Panel. Instead of heading to Site Styles, go all the way to the bottom and click on Custom CSS. That’s where the magic instructions will be placed!

Custom CSS Squarespace Changing Color of Page in an Index

3| Enter the CSS code

Now you are ready to enter the CSS code which should look like this:

#what-clients-say { background: #b8cade;}

Here’s a quick breakdown. Everything after the colon ”:” is what you will be doing. I keep mixing colons : and semi colons ; as you will see in the video. I certainly hope my 8th grade English Teacher doesn’t find out! Hihi!

  1. Enter: #

  2. Next write the URL Slug: what-clients-say

  3. Then open bracket: {

  4. Then write: background

  5. Add a colo: :

  6. Write the hexcode of the color: #b8cade

  7. Add in semi colon: ;

  8. Close bracket: }

  9. Click: Save

  10. Refresh page to see the magic happen!

Custom CSS code for changing color of a section

That’s it, my dear friends! I hope this quick fix pikes your interest in Custom CSS as it really is so so cool!

Squarespace always alerts its users that using Custom CSS code could “break” their website. That’s to be on the safe side. So, I too, am alerting you: Using Custom CSS can break your website. Use it only if you know how to employ the code correctly.

Al’right, that’s enough for disclaimers and such.

Show us what you’ve created!

Changed the background of a section of your Index? I want to see! I want to see! Drop a link to your page in the comments and share what you’ve created!

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