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060: Why is the Cart Icon Not Showing up in My Top Navigation?

After I design a website, my clients can still work with me by hiring me on an hourly basis. This blog+video is a direct result of a request my client had after I completed her site. I had created an e-commerce site for her that had a shop with multiple products. My client wanted to have the cart icon show up for her. But she found that to be not a simple click and activate situation. There was one more step to take care of.

If you are using any of the Brine Family of templates and have a product page but your cart icon is not showing up in Design and then Site Styles, then follow the simple step in this video to resolve it.

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059: How to Activate Cart Icon in Your Top Navigation in Squarespace

One of the benefits of a Squarespace site is the ease of the shop functionality. You can have your digital or physical products on sale or you can sell your 1 to 1 services, online workshops (like I do) or coaching sessions.

Now if you want to have a cart icon enabled in your navigation, this blog + video is for you. In this example, I am working with the Rally template but it applies to any template within Brine.

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