061: How to Add Video Clip in the Banner?

How to Add A Video Clip in the Banner of Your Squarespace Website

Demonstrating a message with moving images rather than just text is a powerful way to set the tone for your site. Adding a video clip to your website’s banner is one way to do that. It creates a certain mood for that specific page and it is easy to set up as you will see in this 3 min video:

1| Create the Page You want the Video Banner on

Or if the page is already created, jump to step 2.

2| Click on the Wheel for the Page Settings

This is the icon next to the page name you see in the Pages Panel

The Wheel icon for page settings in Squarespace

3| Jump over to Media

Copy the url of the video you want to play and paste it there. Click save and check how it looks. If it appears narrow like a thin bar, then go into Edit and add a spacer to lengthen the banner. Check the video to where you can visually see how I do this.

Page Settings for adding Video clip in banner


Show us what you’ve created!

That’s it, my dear friend! It really is as easy as 1-2-3! I love seeing what you create so hop on down to the comments and show me what you’ve created!

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Learn how to build your website on Squarespace

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